Keeneland Closes Book 1 on a High Note


Day 1 of the 2016 Keeneland November breeding stock sale easily outproduced the previous year’s opening session. Day 2 continued that upward trend and brought Book 1 to a close on a high note, as both the average and median sales prices were higher than the same session a year ago. Gross receipts declined, but with fewer head sold. Keeneland

The second session this year saw 253 horses sold for a gross of $102.9 million. The 253 horses sold was 26 or 5.5 percent less than a year ago. The gross last year was $108.9 million from 279 horses sold.

The cumulative Book 1 average this year was $406,794, which was a 4.2 percent increase over last year’s numbers ($390,244). The median rose by 13 percent, going from $230,000 last year to $260,000 this year.

Singling out Day 2 on its own, 138 horses sold for $52.8 million. Last year’s session saw 143 horses sold for $63.8 million. The average on Day 2 alone dropped from $446,042 last year to $382,348 this year.

“It was a very good sale today,” said Russell. “It was strong across the board—strong for mares, strong for foals. Mixed sales vary from year to year. You can’t do a direct comparison. Yes, we would have liked to have a $6 million mare today, but we didn’t.

“Everybody was concerned obviously starting off because… everybody was expecting a different result. There was a little concern about exchange rates early but the dollar is back strong where it belongs so it didn’t seem to stop international buyers today.”

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