National Handicapping Championship Winner

2018 National Handicapping Championship
Chris Littlemore won the National Handicapping Championship and was named Horseplayer of the Year

Chris Littlemore is from a small town just outside of Toronto called Whidby, and the retired auto-worker has found new life in his second career. The elite wagering pro won a whopping $800,000 at the National Handicapping Championship while also earning the honor of Eclipse Award Horseplayer of the Year. This is the second year in a row a Canadian has won this grand tournament.

The National Handicapping Championship had a record field of 702 entries and dolled out prizes totalling a whopping $2,974,700.

Despite standing strong by the time the semi-finals arrived, Littlemore admitted his anxiety. “I didn’t feel that confident,” Littlemore noted before Day 3 competition began. “I didn’t like the card that well; I didn’t like the races. I got lucky that a lot of chalk came in and kept me on top. I kept my distance. As the day wore on, I wasn’t having a good day, so I just kept picking away, picking away. I was fortunate enough that no big longshots came in to overtake me, and I picked the right horse in the last and it got me through.”

“My goal the first day was to try to get to $100,” he recalled. “I got $125. That was a good day. You have to have two pretty good days here to get to the money. So when you have a good day, you’re just trying to get to the money. That’s my mindset.”

And that mindset has now given Littlemore the type of financial freedom he’s always dreamed of. The National Handicapping Championship win also provides him berths in to several, million dollar tournaments such as the┬áPegasus World Cup Betting Championship and the Breeders’ Cup Betting Challenge.

“It’s life-changing for me,” Littlemore said. “I’m paying for their education now, and that’s great. It’s ironic. I’ve got a buddy I retired with from work. He won $1 million two weeks ago on the lottery in Canada. For me to do this two or three weeks after that is astonishing, really. It’s nuts.”

Congrats to Chris Littlemore are definitely in order. Winning the National Handicapping Championship isn’t a bad way to spend your retirement.

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