Trainer O’Brien Fined $1,5000

aidan o'brien

New York regulators fined Irish champion trainer Aidan O’Brien $1,500 last week after three bottles of Duphaylyte Solution were discovered in his “care, custody, and control” under an assistant’s care during the shipment of the three horses to Belmont Park for their Stars and Stripes Festival on July 8. aidan o'brien

O’Brien trained Whitescliffsofodover and Homesman in the Belmont Derby Invitational Stakes (G1). They finished seventh and third, respectively, in the race. He also trained Key To My Heart to a last-place finish in the Belmont Oaks Invitational Stakes (G1).

According to the stewards ruling, the three bottles of Duphaylyte Solution, 500-milliliter each, contained “vitamins, amino acids, electrolytes, and glucose.” While technically the solution is permissible for use in horses, being in possesion of it without a veterinarian controlling the dosage is a violation of New York State Gaming Commission rule 9 NYCRR 4012.1 (A)(1).

A passage of the rule:

“No person other than a commission veterinarian, track veterinarian, or a practicing veterinarian licensed by the commission shall have or possess in or upon the premises of a licensed or franchised race track, including premises that the person occupies or has a right to occupy, or shall have or possess in his or her personal property or effects upon such premises the following: (1) any equipment that may be used for hypodermic injection or other infusion into a horse or any vial, bottle or cartridge designed and usable for such purposes…”

If testing verifies what the substance states it is on the label then the only violation that occurred was not following through with what the rule states in regards to possession on the premises.

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